Influencers Photographer

From Paris to London, NYC, famous musics festivals and holidays destinations... I shoot influencers, bloggers and artists all over the world from many years for brands, influencers agencies, blogs and social medias promotion.


City ๏ฝฅ Countryside ๏ฝฅ Festival ๏ฝฅ Travels

Daylight is amazing for natural pictures (weather permitting). From countryside to big cities, forests, beaches or mountains, there are many amazing places to shoot all over the world, wherever you are or we can travel a bit further afield. My price do not include the locations and travels fee.


Hotel ๏ฝฅ Apartment ๏ฝฅ Restaurant ๏ฝฅ Gym

Luxury hotels, Airbnb, in your home or in a friend place, I used to shoot people everywhere include very small bedrooms. I bring my own lights and equipments, the most important is which decoration to give personality to your images. My price do not include the locations and travels fee.

Working Day ๏ฝฅ 1000 Euros

Exclusively for influencers : ย Get all your pictures immediately on the shooting day !

The pre-shoot consultation is a talk to define and confirm the details of the shoot project. It start when I receive a booking request.ย First I observe your choices to know if the session is possible (location, calendar). Then I start asking more questions to discover your wishes and ideas (what style of photography do/would you like, how do you plan to use the pictures, if is anything you want absolutely capture during the shoot..) Feel free to let me know absolutely all your props during this interview, we have to eliminate any doubts and make sureย we speak the same language. I will send you a feed back with a payment link for the deposit (requested before start working on a mood board). We can plan different poses and a shooting schedule according to your wishes, your needs and your package.

The natural is better. Even if we all know the power of a good make up, most of the time I shoot models without make-up. Hairstyle is more important in my opinion because we canโ€™t really edit it with Photoshop. I collaborate with many hairstylists and make up artists all over the world. I would be happy to introduce you to them. Let me know if you are interested OR if you want to use your own team OR if you would prefer to do it by yourself : each possibility is perfectly fine! Let's define a mood board and discuss about it during the pre-shoot consultation. My fees do not include hair and makeup services. Same for the wardrobe : whether you want to wear, itโ€™s entirely up to you (my fees do NOT include the wardrobe services) andย Iโ€™m confortable with all kind of pictures!

Start your preparation few days before a shoot.ย Eat clean (less salt and sugar) and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, reduce bloating and water retention. It's very important to pay special attention to your hair (fresh haircut), fingernails (manicure) and toenails (pedicure) : it will really make a big difference on your picture.ย A neutral color like a nude polish will be the best for your nails to match with anything during the shoot.ย Wax your legs, underarms (armpits + arms if you need), bikini areaโ€ฆ the day before the shoot but not too close to the time to avoid red marks/bumps/cuts. A fresh hair removal before the shoot will be better for your picture. Get plenty of rest. Go to sleep early forย dark circles and have a good breakfast for energy !

Be sure to be on time. ย Late arrivals make the shoot stressful and less productive for everyone. I won't cancel if you are a bit late but itโ€™s still hardly to shift an appointment. Punctuality will be better for your pictures. Take off your bra, jeans, socks.. as soon as possible if we shoot lingerie/body to avoid red marks on the skin. ย Feel free to put everything that makes you feel confortable : your favourite music, some snacks, a mirror... We will start going over any ideas previously talked, look at your wardrobe, discuss possibilities and any limitations (they are totally up to you) and begin the shoot with posing suggestions. If there is something you are not comfortable with, we will change it. If there is something you want to try, we will try it. It's your shoot, you decide!

Exclusively for influencers shoots : Iโ€™ll give you all unedited CR2 raw pictures immediately in the end of the shoot on your iPhone (from my SD card reader) or your computer toย manage post-production and editing by yourself. If we can't do it immediately, I'll send you HQ pictures by a Wetransfer link as soon as possible. Please save your pictures preciously because I canโ€™t keep for ever all pictures I do.

Influencers photographer 24/7

Your exclusive shoot in your city or vacation destinations

Flexible to shoot wherever and whenever you want (by day and night) including week-ends and holidays. I'm available in Paris & London or confortable anywhere you want around the world if you cover travel expenses. Customizable : shoot packages do not include automatically the location costs, as every people likes to shoot at different locations.

Book a Shoot

Every shoot include a โ‚ฌ100 deposit to secure and confirm the booking. Balance have to be paid on the shooting day. I accept payment by cash, Paypal and Revolut. My fees do NOT include the relooking and the location costs, as every client has different needs and likes to shoot at different locations. Due to too many last minute cancellations, Iโ€™m not able to advance fees (for places, flights/trains, carsโ€ฆ) client have to manage them. Images right for publication on websites and social medias are include in the package,ย I do not allow to sell my pictures or use them for illegal activities.